Dr. Lisa Su Re-Elected to AMD Board to Directors w/ 731 Million Positive Votes

The re-election of AMD’s board members earlier this week went pretty much as expected. Most of the prominent members including the CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, the chairman, John Caldwell, and Chief of Audit, Finance, and Corporate Affairs, Abhi Y. Talwalkar were re-elected, along with a few new faces being added to the board. Out of these, the CEO and President, Dr. Lisa Su got the most overwhelming approval from shareholders. (augustafreepress.com)

Dr. Su got a whopping 731.489 million positive votes, a fair bit more than every other individual on the board, with just close to 2 million negative votes. That’s 9 times less than the second more favored board member, Michael P. Gregoire. In comparison, Caldwell got 59.8 million negative votes while Talwalkar got a rather considerable 151 million negative votes, indicating growing discontent amongst shareholders for these long-standing members.

A while back, AMD also announced a $4 billion share buyback program on Wednesday, the first such move in over 20 years, indicating the strong growth exhibited by the company in recent years. Talking about the ongoing semiconductor shortages, Dr. Su sounded confident that the situation will improve in the coming months, although the situation is unlikely to return to pre-2020 levels anytime soon. Regardless, the company looks on track to meet the annual revenue growth mark of 50% by the end of 2021.

Areej Syed

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