Dual Intel Sapphire Rapids-SP CPU Combo (120 Cores) Loses to a Single AMD Epyc Genoa CPU with 96 Cores

Intel delayed its 4th Gen Xeon Sapphire Rapids Scalable processors by nearly a year. In the meantime, AMD released the Epyc Milan-X followed by the next-gen Genoa family based on the Zen 4 core architecture. Now that Sapphire Rapids is finally out in the market, Team Blue is having trouble keeping up with the latest Epyc offerings. A V-Ray 5 benchmark of the Xeon Platinum 8490H x2 processors fails to even match up to a single 96-core Epyc Genoa 9654 CPU:

To make matters worse, the Sapphire Rapids duo is barely as fast as last-gen Epyc Milan and Milan-X parts. A dual 96-core Epyc Genoa combo absolutely destroys the Xeon pair. We’re talking about a performance delta of nearly 2x between the latest Xeon and Epyc offerings.

Sapphire Rapids flagship V-Ray 5 Benchmark

2S Xeon 8490H (60C*2) vs 1S EPYC 9654P (96C)

Originally tweeted by HXL (@9550pro) on January 2, 2023.

In the end, however, it’s important to note that server workloads are specific to each client, and an architecture beneficial to one may not suit the other. Regarding AVX512 and BF16 performance, Intel still has a lead in most scenarios. From a raw performance perspective, though, Zen 4 looks solid for both PCs and data centers. (Alprazolam)

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