EVGA Charges €1,700 for GeForce RTX 3080 “Enhanced” RMA as Deposit, 2x More than GPU MSRP

A while ago it was discovered that the death of several EVGA graphics cards in Amazon’s New World MMO was the result of a faulty fan controller, rather than a bug in the game. EVGA was quick to offer replacements to users, but as you might have experienced these usually take quite a while (several weeks). To speed up the process, EVGA offers a special RMA router called “Enhanced” RMA. While this may seem like an excellent alternative to the traditionally slower RMA process, it comes with a massive hidden cost.

It involves EVGA shipping you the replacement product first, reduce the downtime of your system, and “let you, the valued customer, deal with EVGA directly so they can make sure you receive timely service”. The program, however. requires a collateral payment to be made for the value of the card. After a replacement is shipped, and you have 30 days to return the product for a refund of the collateral payment or poof, you’re money is gone and you’re essentially buying a new one.

When a buyer (who shared his experience with Igor) went this route, he was asked to pay a rather considerable amount of 1728 Euros, essentially twice the MSRP as collateral. He was forced to cancel the RMA and use the normal channels as paying that much for an “Enhanced RMA” was simply ridiculous.

It does really make you wonder why EVGA is charging scalper prices, and too, not for selling its products, rather as the RMA collateral. After all, not everyone will have that kind of money just lying around to pay for an RMA.

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