GMiner Unlocks Ethereum Hash Rate of NVIDIA RTX 30 Series GPUs to 70% of Max Potential

After NBMiner managed to partially overcome the mining lock on the NVIDIA RTX 30 series LHR (Low/Lite Hash Rate) graphics cards, GMiner has achieved the same. With the newer versions of NBMiner, miners can leverage up to 70% of the maximum hash rate on their LHR graphics cards. All the RTX 30-series graphics cards, except the RTX 3090 now come with a miner block, making life difficult for Ether miners.

As you can see in the above shot, the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti (with the limited in place) manages a hash rate of just 66 MH/s in Ethereum, drawing 220W, resulting in an efficiency of 300 KH/W.With GMiner 2.68 and above, running certain parameters improves the hash rate by quite a bit. These are lhr 1, —lhr_tune1, —lhr_tune2.

After punching these in, the miner didn’t detect any lock and ran at a hash rate of 77 MH/s in Ethash. That’s roughly 20% more than the stock LHR hash rate, and 70% of the overall potential. Prolonged testing showed that the RTX 3080 Ti maintained the increased hash rate for over 15 hours. After analyzing the log file, it was established that the miner ran only 4 Lock/Unlocked cycles within 15 hours.

Source: 2miners

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