God of War (PC) NVIDIA DLSS vs AMD FSR Image Quality Comparisons at 4K

Now, for FSR’s advantages. AMD’s upscaling solution works rather well in scenes with coarse textures such as rocks, mud, wood, etc. FSR Ultra Quality even manages to approach native-level quality thanks to the CAS filter:

DLSS Balanced vs FSR Ultra Quality

Another interesting point to note here is that objects in the distance (which would usually be blurred by DOF) are blurred by DLSS. FSR just causes a ton of pixelation here, once again being much worse than its NVIDIA counterpart:

DLSS Bal vs Native

I’ll conclude this one by sharing a comparison where neither of the upscaling techniques manage to match up to the detail rendered by the image at native resolution, and guess what? It’s a shot of the ground. Yes, even the most cutting-edge upsamplers struggle at reconstructing the intricate details of soil and mud:

In case, you’d like to sift through the uncompressed 4K shots, you may do so by visiting the drive folder here.

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