Highly Rated VR Casinos: Are You Ready For The Virtual Reality? 

Virtual reality (VR) headset is a very interesting gadget that’s currently making noise in the world of gaming. Due to players’ demand, tech developers scramble to release their own take. This will take any gaming experience to a whole new level, most especially for online casinos

VR Casinos are now making rounds in the online gambling scene. World-class developers started to raise the bar in producing top-of-the-line games which would blow players’ minds. The use of VR will ensure that you can give justice to the quality of craftsmanship these games have. 

This revolutionary device will also re-invent the way we play live casino games. Interactions with dealers and other players will be practically identical to real-life experiences. That is next-level remote betting. Without further ado, here are a few of the best VR casinos you can find online. 


This online casino will immediately ask you to choose upon registration. Between using a VR headset or visiting a 3D video game-styled lobby, either choice is cool. 

Regarded as the first of its kind, you will feel as if the online casino is a real place. Its no-pressure environment won’t overwhelm you as you’re the only player in that space. 

You will surely enjoy playing an array of 3D games with over 40 titles. Having said that, there is one major limitation. You won’t be able to have that extra interaction with other players who are currently online. Do not fret as the casino continues its development at this point. 

Jackpot VR 

One futuristic online VR casino is Jackpot VR. The 3D aspect of this website is on the point that you’ll be able to relish its cartoon-like feel. You will find games like this on various Swedish casino sites. The cartoon theme can be a great reminder of the old casino vibes. Also, it would make the experience more nostalgic. Still, you can’t bet with real money. Worry about that later, and just practice your A-game. 

Social VR Casino 

It focuses more on the social aspect of VR rather than the gameplay in this online casino. Unlike the previously mentioned casino, you can meet other players in meeting rooms and even in the casino lobby. Since it is still in the development phase, it is important to add that you can try to play the free demo of various games. This is an opportunity for you to form your own strategy without the fear of losing real money. That is very convenient, to say the least. 

PokerStars VR 

Poker enthusiasts, this one’s for you. Enjoy the private table set-up of this casino, where you can play various poker versions. You’ll be able to interact with peers and other players online. The visuals will surely get you in the mood as you can choose the game environment as well. 

Social Club VR: Casino Nights 

This is perfect for you if you’re up to the challenge of having opponents. Considered the most advanced in the VR race, it specializes in interactive games. Table games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette are all available. One catch, though, is that these are free trials only.

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