How to Block YouTube Ads on Safari and Keep Your Privacy – 2023 Guide

Ads can occasionally be disruptive while viewing YouTube videos, leading to a less-than-optimal user experience. Furthermore, privacy concerns have grown increasingly relevant with these ads, as many track our digital footprint. Fortunately, there are ways to block these ads and maintain our privacy, particularly on the Safari browser. In this guide, we will navigate through steps to help make your experience ad-free and more secure.

Why are Ads Intrusive and Privacy-Threatening?

While ads are crucial for content creators and free-platform maintenance, they can be disruptive to users. Moreover, in the age of personalized advertising, these ads often track user data to display relevant content. This tracking activity raises serious privacy concerns, as browsing habits, preferences, and other data may be monitored and collected. This breach of privacy is a significant issue that many internet users wish to address. This is why a YouTube adblocker for Safari is so crucial to have. 

Using Ad Blocking Extensions

One of the most effective ways to block YouTube ads on Safari is by using ad-blocking extensions. Safari supports a variety of these extensions that not only block ads but also ensure user privacy by preventing trackers from accessing your data.

1. AdGuard

AdGuard is a highly efficient ad-blocking tool that prevents ads on YouTube and other websites. It provides an added layer of security by protecting your data from trackers. You can install AdGuard from the Safari extensions store, enable it, and customize settings as per your requirements.

2. uBlock Origin

Another powerful ad blocker, uBlock Origin, is praised for its efficiency and low resource consumption. It allows you to filter content, block ads, and prevent third-party trackers.

Remember, after installing these extensions, ensure they are enabled for YouTube by visiting the extension settings.

Adjusting Settings for Better Privacy

Apart from using ad-blockers, adjusting specific YouTube settings can also enhance your privacy.

1. Pause Watch and Search History

By pausing your watch and search history, you prevent YouTube from collecting data on your viewing habits. Go to settings, click on “History and Privacy,” and enable the “Pause Watch History” and “Pause Search History” options.

2. Turn Off Ad Personalization 

This prevents YouTube from displaying ads based on your data. You can turn it off by going to Google Account settings, selecting “Data & Personalization,” and disabling “Ad Personalization.”

Using Premium Services

One legitimate way to block ads without worrying about privacy concerns is to subscribe to Premium. This subscription-based service offers an ad-free YouTube experience, and access to exclusive content, and includes features like offline viewing and background play.

Final Thoughts

In the age of digital media, maintaining privacy while enjoying an uninterrupted experience can be a challenge. But with the methods outlined in this guide, you can enjoy YouTube on Safari without invasive ads and with greater control over your personal data. Whether it’s by using ad-blocking extensions, adjusting settings, or subscribing to premium services, you have the tools to enhance your viewing experience. Remember, privacy is a right, not a privilege; therefore, it’s essential to adopt these measures for a safe and enjoyable digital journey.

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