How to build a gaming PC for 2024: step-by-step instructions

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A convenient PC configurator on the KTC.ua website will help you choose a motherboard, cooler, memory, power supply, and other components. After selecting a processor, the smart configurator will offer only motherboards with the appropriate socket and coolers with the appropriate TDP. The number and type of memory modules (DDR4 or DDR5) will also be suggested according to the motherboard. The configurator will automatically calculate the recommended power supply capacity based on the power consumption of all PC components. Additionally, you can equip your computer with a monitor, keyboard, mouse, headphones, and gamepad. You can also order professional PC assembly and testing, installation of a licensed Windows OS, and a set of useful applications.

Intel Core i5-14600KF is perhaps the best gaming processor available today with Turbo Boost overclocking speeds of up to 5.3 GHz and the possibility of further manual overclocking thanks to an unlocked multiplier. It has a hybrid architecture with six powerful Raptor Lake Refresh cores, each of which is divided into two virtual Hyper-Threading threads, and eight additional energy-saving Gracemont cores used for simple background processes. In total, we get as many as 20 computing threads.

The main innovation of the 14th generation Intel Core compared to the 13th is Intel APO (Application Optimisation) technology. Thanks to a more even distribution of the load on powerful and energy-saving cores, a significant increase in FPS in games is achieved. However, Intel APO libraries must be added to the game by the developers themselves. The Core i5-14600KF processor works equally well with classic DDR4 and progressive DDR5 RAM, and the latter can now operate at 8000+ MHz. The 14600KF generates as much as 181W of heat, so it requires an air supercooler or better yet, a watercooler.

Goodram IRDM DDR5 (model code IR-6400D564L32S/32GDC) is a ready-made 2x16GB dual-core RAM kit from the Polish brand with a conservative backlit design. In addition, the radiators are of minimal height so as not to conflict with the massive CPU cooler. At 6400 MHz, the memory operates at an elevated supply voltage of 1.35 V versus the typical 1.1 V for the low-frequency DDR5-4800 MHz version. However, the voltage of the previous generation DDR4 overclocking memory was even higher, which means that the new DDR5 is more energy efficient.

The PMIC chip is responsible for precise voltage control, and ECC technology is responsible for the automatic correction of read and write errors. Finally, to simplify memory overclocking, Intel XMP technology has been transferred, which works on AMD motherboards as well. All you need to do is go to the BIOS settings menu and select the optimal ratio of frequency and timings. For 6400 MHz, this is the CL32-38-38-102 formula, the lower the timings, the better, as this minimizes latency. The Goodram IRDM DDR5 series includes even faster and larger memory modules – up to 6800 MHz and 2×32 GB.

The Cougar Atlas 750 is an 80 PLUS Bronze certified power supply, which means an 87% efficiency. This reduces the generation of waste heat and saves on energy bills. It is built on modern circuitry with 99% Active PFC reactive power correction factor, separate DC-DC low voltage line stabilization and a Japanese long-life capacitor that can withstand heat up to 105°C. It delivers a full 750W of power on the main +12V line, and the output voltage deviation does not exceed 2%.

It is able to operate in a wide input voltage range of 100 – 240 V and is protected against short circuits, power surges and line overload. The 12 cm diameter fan operates almost silently up to half the load on the PSU, after which it gradually increases its speed. It has all-black cables: The 24-pin one for the motherboard is wrapped in a nylon cover, and all the others are made flat and soft for easy insertion inside the PC case. There are two 4+4-pin CPU connectors and as many as four 6+2-pin video card connectors.

The Biostar B760A-Silver is a full-size ATX motherboard for Intel Core 12, 13 and the latest 14th generation processors. In the latter case, you may need to update the BIOS firmware, fortunately, the motherboard has a special button that allows you to do this even without a processor. It has a powerful power supply subsystem with DrMOS digital mosfets and massive radiators. There are four DDR5 RAM slots with a frequency of 6400+ MHz. The first video card slot is metal-reinforced and operates via the fastest PCIe 5.0 bus.

The second similar connector operates on the PCIe 4.0 bus, which is enough for any GPU. The M.2 SSD slots are also represented by the fourth version of PCI-Express. In case of using an integrated video card, there are two digital outputs: HDMI and Display Port. There are as many as eight USB ports on the rear interface panel, one of which is two-way Type-C. The sound subsystem is represented by a 7.1-channel Realtek codec, and the wired Internet is 2.5-gigabit Ethernet. There is also a slot for a Wi-Fi 6E adapter and RGB 12V and ARGB 5V backlight connectors.

The Sapphire Radeon RX 7800 XT Nitro+ Gaming OC (model code 11330-01-20G) is a powerful graphics card with a solid 16GB of GDDR6 memory, a wide 256-bit bus, and a cooling system with three curved-blade fans for improved aerodynamics. And the dual bearings minimise lubricant leakage, which extends their lifespan by 85%. In addition, the fans can be easily removed from the cooler to clean them from dust. The tubes are made of composite materials: nickel on the outside to protect against corrosion and copper on the inside for better thermal conductivity.

A metal backplate adds rigidity to the design, and ARGB synchronised lighting adds style. The video card has a switch between two BIOS chips that correspond to quiet and maximum cooling modes. More fine-tuning settings can be made in the proprietary Sapphire TriXX application: overclocking, downwinding, passive cooling temperature, backlight colour. The AMD RDNA 3 architecture supports the latest FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 technology, which significantly increases the frame rate in games without losing image clarity.

Chieftec Hunter 2 is a Midi-Tower chassis that can accommodate any motherboard from the smallest Mini-ITX to the largest ATX. Compared to the first generation of the Hunter, it has an aluminium front panel. As before, there is a mesh cutout in the centre to maximise fresh air intake. Three fans are located in the front and one in the back, all with Rainbow ARGB lighting. The fans are connected to a central hub, which can be controlled by two buttons on the front panel of the case, or synchronised with the motherboard.

A newly designed USB Type-C port has also been added to the interface panel. The side panel is hinged like a door, has a magnetic lock and a handle for easy opening. Tempered glass is not afraid of scratches and moderate impacts. The case frame is made of 0.5 mm thick steel sheets and weighs a solid 5.2 kg. A video card can fit up to 320 mm long, and liquid cooling systems up to 280 mm. There is an easy-to-remove dust filter on the outside of the case, and the internal cable routing holes are covered with rubber curtains.

The Jonsbo TW7-240 ARGB is a closed-cycle liquid cooling system, which means that it is charged with refrigerant at the factory and is immediately ready for use. The radiator has a size of 240 millimetres and is blown by two fans with a diameter of 12 centimetres. The fans are mounted on a hydraulic bearing, have transparent blades and rotate at a speed of 600 to 1800 RPM. The pump, on the other hand, is built on a ceramic bearing that is not afraid of corrosion and operates at a fixed speed of 2400 RPM, which results in a moderate noise level of 27 dB.

The pump is in contact with the CPU through a copper heat distribution plate with a large number of fine microchannels through which the refrigerant fluid circulates. The fan blades and the pump cover are decorated with ARGB lighting with a 3-way connection and a 5-volt power supply. The lid illumination has a stylish 3D effect. The backlight can be synchronised with the motherboard to make all PC components glow in unison. The watercooler comes with mounts for all popular processor sockets: Intel LGA 1700, LGA 1200, LGA 2011, AMD AM4 and AM5.

The Goodram PX700 (model code SSDPR-PX700-02T-80) is an M.2 NVMe SSD with a PCI-Express 4.0 high-speed bus. It is approximately one and a half times faster than the previous PX600 model and twice as fast as the PX500 with the old PCIe 3.0 bus. It has a thin graphene heatsink, making it suitable not only for desktops but also for laptops and the PlayStation 5 game console. It is built on a bufferless controller, which has a positive impact on its cost. Instead, it uses the Host Memory Buffer technology, which uses a part of the system-wide RAM as a cache.

The 2TB version of the drive delivers sequential read and write speeds of 7400MB/s and 6500MB/s for large files, respectively. This is achieved by using the latest 3D NAND flash memory with a multi-layer layout. Random processing of small files is performed at speeds of up to 1,000,000 IOPS. The manufacturer claims an operating time of up to 1.5 million hours and a 1,200TB overwrite resource for five warranty years. There is also an even larger 4-terabyte version of the drive with twice the rewrite capacity.

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