How to Hire a Good Software Developer

Using the possibilities of the digital space has become one of the effective directions of development for many companies. That is why the issue of creating software is currently extremely relevant. A specialist with appropriate qualifications can implement this task.

However, finding a professional who would be able to consider all the features of the company and create a product by all requirements is quite difficult. In the following material, we are going to talk about the hiring of specialists who provide custom software development services and the peculiarities of the search.

What to consider when hiring a software developer?

Every manager or company employee responsible for this task wants to find a reliable person who has sufficient experience and knowledge. In this case, it is not enough to check certificates and other evidence of professionalism. To make sure that the specialist is right for you, it is necessary to pay attention to several important skills.

Critical thinking

Technical professionals, including software developers, often encounter problems and situations that require urgent solutions. The ability to think critically helps to quickly navigate and find the best way out. This is presented in several aspects:

  • ability to find solutions using current tools;
  • the ability to simultaneously solve several problems;
  • the ability to divide tasks by level of complexity and the ability to break down complex tasks into simpler goals.

If these skills are not available, the process will drag on for a long time, and the result may not meet expectations.

Technical knowledge and skills

In addition to the specialist’s qualifications, it is worth checking their experience in the field of software development. To do this, it is worth asking what programming languages the potential candidate uses, what libraries they utilize, etc.

If necessary, you can request developer cases, if they are available. Questions about the specific product you need will also help to check the specialist. You can ask the potential candidate how they would perform the task and what they would use for it.

Ability to plan work according to deadlines

Punctuality is important for almost any profession. However, it is especially relevant in the technical field. Especially when it comes to remote collaboration with a software developer. To avoid misunderstandings and problems when working with a specialist, during the hiring process, you need to inquire about the ability to manage time effectively. It is important to find out if the potential candidate can work in a certain mode and meet the specified deadlines.

In addition to the listed skills, it is important to ask whether the specialist is open to learning and adaptation, as well as whether they have communication skills.

What are the stages of hiring a software developer?

To search for a specialist fast and efficiently enough, it is worth dividing it into several stages:

  • Determination of the candidate’s specialization. In the beginning, you need to form a clear understanding of what kind of specialist is necessary to perform the task. It can be a full-stack developer, internal or front-end developer. In addition, some specialists work with security and processing large volumes of data.
  • Formation of specific work functions. To find a professional who will be able to perform the tasks assigned to them, it is necessary to clearly outline the scope of their future duties.
  • Market trends study. This will help you gain insight into the hiring situation and identify areas to focus on.
  • Salary comparison for a specific position. After analyzing the average indicators, you can form an approximate hiring budget.

The final stage is the formation of a clear sequence of actions. Planning helps streamline the hiring process and make it efficient.


Finding and hiring a software developer can seem like a complicated process that takes a lot of time and effort. However, you can make it easier. To do this, it is necessary to perform actions in a clear sequence, discover the range of necessary skills and determine the profile of the candidate.

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