Improve Your Online Gaming Experience Using the Top Proxies

Online gaming is becoming more popular, especially as the competitive gaming industry grows. Various new and innovative games become available daily, so it’s no surprise that more gamers are looking into online gaming. You can play with your friends worldwide and enjoy many new gaming features. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some challenges in the gaming industry. Below, we consider common problems a gamer can experience, and you can find out more about how dedicated datacenter proxies help solve these issues.

Challenges of the Gaming Community

While playing your favorite games online is enjoyable, some challenges can pop up. Some of these hurdles include:

Shopping Fraud

A significant shift has started occurring in the last few years, where digital copies of games are becoming more popular to buy than physical CD copies. This shift happened since a digital copy means you can buy it anytime, almost immediately start playing, and don’t have to worry about damaging the CD.

However, it also allowed hackers and other cyber criminals to hack into popular gaming retail platforms. Whether it’s listing a scam on games or stealing your payment details, online shopping fraud is a real possibility.

Lagging Servers

Part of the gaming industry becoming more popular is that more people are on game servers. This increase in gamers on a server can lead to lagging. Lags aren’t only annoying, but can also mean the difference between a successful game and a game over. Lagging servers are especially harmful if you’re playing a competitive game and a lag at the wrong time results in your character’s death.

Bad Connectivity

Sometimes, no matter the type of internet you have or the routers/modem you use, you can still experience lousy connectivity. It especially becomes a problem when you’re playing with friends from other countries or live in a place with bad infrastructure. The bad connectivity can lead to lags, the game refusing to load, or even being kicked out mid-game due to a loss in connection.

Servers’ Geolocation

Your geolocation has always been a challenge when playing online. Sometimes, new games are restricted to a specific location or released earlier in other countries. You’ll also find, at times, it might even be less expensive to buy a game in another country.

Another part of the challenge is if you play with your friends who live in another country. You can choose your server with some games, but that’s not always the case, or you have a limited selection. This restriction might result in being unable to join the same servers as your friends.

How Proxies Improve These Challenges

However, while there are quite a few challenges you can face that might make you feel like you need to turn the game off, dedicated datacenter proxies can help solve these problems.

Enhanced Security

The essential feature of any proxy is offering enhanced security. A proxy acts as a middleman between you and the internet, like a server that the online traffic is rerouted through to reach you. For this reason, it hides your IP address and can help protect against hackers and cybercriminals accessing your information.

Reduced Lag

With a gaming proxy, you don’t need to worry about the game lagging at a critical moment. A proxy can be used to find a less crowded server, which can help avoid lagging issues. A proxy can also increase your connection speed, which helps decrease the chances of lagging.

Stable Connection

Proxies can also help stabilize a bad connection. While it’s not a magical cure for horrible connectivity, it smoothes your connection and reroutes the traffic through more powerful servers. All this helps you experience a better connection and enjoy a more stable game that won’t turn off or take an eternity to load.

Access to Any Geolocation

Arguably one of the best aspects of proxies is their geolocation targeting abilities. This feature lets you change the geolocation of your IP address. As such, you can access games only available in specific markets or join the same server as your friends without a long struggle.

Types of Gaming Proxies

Various gaming proxies are available. The standard gaming proxies are HTTPS, SOCKS, and HTTP ones. HTTP proxies are the most common, but SOCKS and HTTPS ones are more secure, giving you better benefits when you use them to enhance your gaming experience. 

Dedicated datacenter proxies are the best option, as it’s less expensive than residential proxy servers, but more secure than shared datacenter ones. You can find SOCKS5 and HTTPS proxies in this category as well.

Enjoy a Smooth Gaming Experience

It doesn’t seem like the gaming industry will stop growing anytime soon, so gamers will have to accept and overcome the challenges that come with it. Luckily, dedicated datacenter proxies are an excellent solution to help stabilize your connection and game and provide you access to any location you want.

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