Intel 14th Gen 14900K Specs Leak Out: 24 Cores, 6GHz and 36MB L3 [Rumor]

The full specs sheet of Intel’s 14th Gen desktop lineup has surfaced. A rebrand of the 13th Gen Raptor Lake family, these processors are slated to land this fall following the Intel Innovation Event in September. The info comes from Benchlife (via @momomo_us) in a neatly arranged table and can be found below:

Intel Core i5-14600KIntel Core i7-14700KIntel Core i9-14900K
SocketLGA 1700LGA 1700LGA 1700
Base TDP125W125W125W
Base Core Frequency3.5GHz3.4GHz3.2GHz
Intel Thermal Velocity Boost FrequencyN/AN/A6.0GHz
Intel TBMT3 FrequencyN/A5.6GHz5.8GHz
P-Core Max Turbo Frequency5.3GHz5.5GHz5.7GHz
E-Core Max Turbo Frequency4.0GHz4.3GHz4.4GHz
Intel Smart Cache24MB33MB36MB

This table confirms what we already know and more. The 14900K will be a 24-core part (8P + 16E) with a base clock of 3.2GHz and a peak boost of 6GHz. Under most circumstances, the CPU should attain a boost clock of 5.8GHz; if enough thermal headroom is available, a boost of 6GHz is targeted. This is part of Intel’s Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB) algorithm, which will be available solely on the 14900K. The chip has a base TDP of 125W and a PL2 of 253W. Like its predecessor, it will house 36MB of L3 cache.

The Core i7-14700K will be a 20-core part (8P + 12E) with a base clock of 3.4GHz and a boost of 5.6GHz. Lacking TVB, it’ll clock 400MHz lower than the i9-14900K. The E-cores will have a boost clock of 4.3GHz, down from 4.4GHz on the 14900K. It will feature 33MB of L3 cache and a PL2 ceiling of around 250W.

And now for the Core i5-14600K. It will feature 14 cores (6P +8E) with a base clock of 3.5GHz and a boost of 5.3GHz. The E-cores will top out at 4GHz. Unlike its siblings, it will lack Turbo Boost 3.0, clocking 300MHz and 700MHz lower than the 14700K and 14900K, respectively. It will pack 24MB of L3 cache and a PL2 peak of 230W.

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