Intel 14th Gen Desktop Lineup will be a 13th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh, Meteor Lake Only for Notebooks [Rumor]

Intel plans to launch its 14th Gen Meteor Lake lineup at the end of 2023. Fabbed on the Intel 4 process node, it’ll be the chipmaker’s first chiplet/tiled architecture with secondary dies outsourced to TSMC. While the CPU die will be manufactured using the internal 4nm node, the iGPU and SoC tiles will be based on TSMC’s 4nm and 6nm process nodes, respectively. While the Meteor Lake-P (notebook) processors were taped out late last year, the desktop parts are a mystery.

Initially, Intel had planned a 6P+16E die for the Meteor Lake-S (desktop) family. However, this design was allegedly scrapped towards the end of 2022. As per the latest rumors, the Meteor Lake-P 6P+8E chip will form the repurposed mainstream desktop offerings. Arrow Lake will be the true 14th Gen desktop lineup with an expected release date of 1H 2024.

According to a well-reputed Chinese tipster, the 14th Gen desktop family will comprise the Raptor Lake-S Refresh. If true, we’re looking at a rebrand rather than a generational uplift. The Raptor Lake-S Refresh will feature higher-clocked Raptor Lake parts with enhanced overclocking capabilities.

This info makes sense as the 5th Gen Xeon Emerald Rapids-SP lineup is also a refresh of the preceding Sapphire Rapids-SP family. Intel followed a similar approach with Ice Lake. The 10nm+ chips were only available on notebooks for the first few years, while the desktop offerings continued to rely on the older 14nm node. Only last year, the 10nm (now renamed to Intel 7) node made its way to the desktop platform with the 12th Gen Alder Lake platform.

The 14th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh (desktop) will launch in the last quarter of the year as a stopgap till Arrow Lake arrives in early to mid-2024. Arrow Lake is supposed to leverage the 20A process technology with an 8P+16E flagship configuration and a powerful Xe-HPG iGPU tile fabbed on the TSMC 4nm/3nm node.

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