Intel 14th Gen K Series Release in Oct 2023, Non-K Chips in Jan 2024

Intel’s 14th Gen Core family will comprise multiple architectures, ranging from the Raptor Lake-S Refresh to Meteor Lake-P. Unsurprisingly, the chipmaker has planned a staggered launch for its next-generation CPUs. The Raptor Lake-S Refresh will be released in two waves, starting with the high-end K series chips in October and the budget non-K CPUs in January 2024.

The Raptor Lake-S Refresh K series processors will hit the retail market in the 42nd week of 2023, which kicks off on the 16th of October. That’s right after the Intel Innovation Event set to take place at the end of September. As for the non-K parts, a CES 2023 launch is being planned. Availability is said to begin in the first week of 2024.

Moving onto the 15th Gen Arrow Lake family, users will have to upgrade to the newer LGA1851 socket to try out the next-gen CPUs. The 800-series will consist of the Z890, B860, and H810 chipsets. The H870 has allegedly been canceled. The Z890 will consist of 60 HSIO (High-Speed I/O) channels, 26 from the CPU and 34 from the PCH. B860 and H810 will have 44 and 32 HSIO channels, respectively.

Source: Bilibili (Via WCCFTech).

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