Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake/Arrow Lake to be Succeeded by Lunar Lake-M with LPDDR5X-8500 Memory Support [Report]

Intel’s 14th Gen Meteor Lake processors will succeed Raptor Lake in late 2023 in the mobility segment and 2024 in the desktop space. The core architecture will be upgraded to Redwood Cove (P-core) and Crestmont (E-core). The Intel 4 process, TSMC N5 (for iGPU), Foveros 3D stacking, and EMIB interconnect will power the tiled processors. The Meteor Lake-S desktop processors will leverage the LGA1851 socket, BGA2049 for Meteor Lake-P, and BGA2551 for Meteor Lake-M. The mobility chips will support LPDDR5X-6400/7200 memory out of the box.

Arrow Lake will be a mid-cycle upgrade, leveraging the same socket and platform as Meteor Lake. Arrow Lake will be fabbed on the Intel 20A and the TSMC N3/N4 (iGPU tile) process nodes. It’ll introduce two new core architectures (Lion Cove and Skymont?) and LPDDR5X-8400 memory support.

Lunar Lake will succeed Arrow Lake. Very little is known about it at this point. We’re probably looking at a new process node (18A?), refreshed cores, and LPDDR5X-8500 memory support on the low-power mobile platform.

Redwood Cove is allegedly very similar to Golden and Raptor Cove, with Crestmont being the real highlight. Consequently, you’d expect Lion Cove to be a major overhaul, followed by a bunch of refreshes. In terms of core count, Arrow Lake will retain the 8P + 16E desktop core configuration used by Raptor Lake, with Meteor Lake cutting two P-cores. The mobility chips will mostly retain their core counts as well.

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