Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake/Arrow Lake to be Succeeded by Panther Lake in 2025: Lunar Lake Reportedly an “Experimental” Design

Intel plans to launch its 13th Gen Raptor Lake processors later this year, followed by the 14th Gen Meteor Lake-P the next. The former will be a soft-refresh of Alder Lake, retaining the same process and socket while doubling down on multi-threaded grunt. Meteor Lake-S and Arrow Lake-S are slated to release sometime in 2024. Leveraging a modular design and the Intel 4 process node in addition to a 3nm TSMC iGPU die, these processors will be a major upgrade over existing parts, offering significant single and multi-threaded performance gains.

Arrow Lake will be based on Intel’s 20A process (2nm) and exist alongside Meteor Lake in 2024 which is definitely make for an interesting product stack. It’s hard to say whether the former will simply be a node shrink or offer more substantial architectural upgrades. Either way, both these lineups will be succeeded by Panther Lake in 2025, an architecture we pretty much nothing about.

Intel’s official roadmap places Lunar Lake as the successor to Arrow Lake in 2025. However, according to the above source (kopite7kimi), Lunar is an “experimental” design. This likely means that Lunar Lake will be a mobile-only lineup like Ice Lake/Tiger Lake, meant to showcase the capabilities of the 18A node (“retaking process leadership” and the like). Panther Lake will most likely be the actual 18A platform later that year, or the next.

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