Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake Based on 4nm Node, Arrow Lake on TSMC 3nm for Core i7/i9 Chips, 2nm Only for Mobile CPUs [Report]

Some exciting rumors about Intel’s future Core processors have hit the web. According to info from Bilibili forums, Team Blue will leverage a wide range of manufacturing technologies to meet the evergrowing demands of the PC market. The first wave of 14th Gen Core CPUs codenamed Meteor Lake will land in the second half of 2023. Contrary to what we’ve been hearing, these chips will be fabricated on the Intel 4 process. In addition, the integrated graphics and SoC tiles will be manufactured using TSMC’s 5nm and 6nm nodes, respectively.

Update: Meteor Lake will be 4nm, not 7nm. The source has updated his post.

Arrow Lake will retain the same socket as Meteor but upgrade the cores and the process technology. So we’re talking about an upgrade from Redwood Cove to Lion Cove for the P-cores and Crestmont to Skymont for the E-cores. The core counts will be the same as Raptor Lake, with eight performance and sixteen efficiency cores. Additionally, while Meteor Lake will form the budget and midrange lineup (Pentiums, Celerons, Core i3s, i5s, and i7s ), Arrow Lake will power the top-end of the stack (Core i9s). Together, these two platforms will form Intel’s 14th Gen client family.

The launch windows of these products are still far from confirmed, but the tentative schedule places it between H2 2023 and H1 2023 for Meteor and H2 2024 for Arrow Lake.

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