Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs (Intel 4) in Production: 20A (2nm) Arrow and Lunar Lake in 2024

Intel has reaffirmed its CPU roadmap, confirming that its 14th Gen Core processors (codenamed Meteor Lake) are on track for launch later this year. Leveraging the Intel 4 process, these chips are now in production and should hit the market later this year. We’re looking at a notebook-first lineup, leaving the high-end desktop market to the Raptor Lake-S Refresh. Budget and entry-level desktop chips in the 14th Gen lineup will still be based on the Redwood Cove (P-core) and Crestmont (E-core) duo.

Unlike Alder and Raptor Lake, Meteor Lake will feature only two Redwood Cove “P-cores”, with the rest being the Crestmont “E-cores”. Since the desktop parts are technically repurposed notebook chips, the same should also be true for that segment.

Intel also provided an update on Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake without assigning any generational labels to them. However, we know that all three upcoming families will be compatible with the upcoming LGA1851 socket. The chipmaker also claims that Arrow and Lunar Lake will land in the second half of 2024. Both families will be fabbed on the 20A process (comparable to TSMC’s 2nm node), which will remain exclusive to the client platform.

On the Data Center front, 5th Gen Emerald Rapids-SP (a Sapphire Rapids-SP refresh with more cores) is slated to arrive in the latter half of the year. Sierra Forest, a compute-oriented cloud lineup with several hundred Crestmont “E” cores, will land in 2024 alongside Granite Rapids-SP. Sapphire and Emerald Rapids will be compatible, while 6th Gen Xeon Granite Rapids-SP will use the same platform as Sierra Forest and its successor, Clearwater Forest.

Sierra and Granite will leverage the Intel 3 node, while Clearwater Forest will be based on the 18A node with a release window of 2025.

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