Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs Rebranded as the Core Ultra 1st Gen Processors

Intel China has shared the first official confirmation of the 14th Gen Raptor Lake-S Refresh, along with some additional info on the new Core Ultra branding. Unsurprisingly, the 14th Gen desktop CPUs will retain the existing Core i3/i5/i7/i9 branding, keeping things simple (and the same) for the DIY crowd. The mobile lineup will adopt the new Core Ultra naming scheme with chips from the Raptor Lake-U (Refresh) and the Meteor Lake family.

The most interesting bit is that the 14th Gen mobile processors will be marketed as the 1st Gen Core and the 1st Gen Core Ultra family. Based on the Meteor Lake architecture, the Core Ultra stack will consist of the Core Ultra 5, 7, and 9 SKUs, while the Core 3/5/7 trio will be a Raptor Lake-U Refresh. The Raptor Lake-S desktop and Raptor Lake-HX high-performance notebook processors will have the 14th Gen badge.

Officially, Intel recommends using the “Intel Core Processor” or the “Core 1st Gen Processor” branding for the Raptor Lake-U mobile family. The same goes for the Meteor Lake SKUs; just throw in the Ultra. The Raptor Lake-S and HX chips will only use the “Intel Core Processor” or the “Intel Core 14th Gen Processor” branding.

In addition to the branding, the Intel processor and graphics logos have also been updated with some tweaks to the Evo Edition platform logo:

Source: Bilibili.

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