Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake-S CPUs Cut Down to 14 Cores (6P +8E), Granite Rapids to Get 120 Cores [MLID Report]

Intel has allegedly cut down the specifications of its next-gen processors. If Moore’s Law is Dead is to be believed, the 14th Gen Core Meteor Lake-S desktop chips (as reported earlier) are as good as dead. These CPUs weren’t planned to feature more than six Redwood “P” cores to begin with, but as per MLID, the E-core counts have also been cut by half to eight (14 overall). Consequently, there won’t be any Core i9 variants in the Meteor Lake lineup.

The LGA1851 platform is in active development, and the 14th Gen Meteor Lake processors are being prepped for mainstream gamers looking at sub-$400 SKUs from the Core i5 and i7 stack. Shifting gears to the server side, Sierra Forest and Granite Rapids are also getting the blade.

The cloud-centric E-core platform “Sierra Forest” was allegedly going to feature 344 and 512 core designs. However, following criticism from a “key customer” on delivery times, Intel is doing all it can to launch it by the end of Q2 2024 to avoid losing them to AMD. Sierra Forest will feature 144 core dies, each packing 8 channel DDR5 lanes for a dual-die 288-core CPU and a 144-core part for the abovementioned client.

Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest will feature the same socket, and I/O die with the memory controllers integrated into the Compute Complex Dies (CCDs). Granite will consist of 44 core tiles, each paired with quad-channel DDR5 memory controllers. We’re talking about 80-core (40×2?) parts for Granite Rapids-SP and 120-core (40×3) chips for the AP lineup.

At the moment, nothing has been confirmed. We know that Intel is willing to reduce its performance targets to maintain its current roadmap. Meteor Lake was always a mobile-first platform, with Arrow Lake doing the opposite. However, there was no mention of the latter at the last quarterly earnings call. As for the data center, this is where Intel is bleeding the most as roadmaps slip and competition intensifies.



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