Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake Specs Leak Out: 6P + 8E CPU Cores and 1024 iGPU Cores [Rumor]

The specs sheet of Intel’s 14th Gen Meteor Lake mobile family has surfaced, courtesy of Moore’s Law is Dead. As with Alder and Raptor Lake, the 14th Gen lineup will comprise four product stacks based on TDP and package size. The 7W U series lineup will consist of three dies, each packing only one Redwood Cove “P-core” and up to eight Crestmont “E-cores”. The iGPU tile will feature up to four Xe cores or 1,024 shaders.

Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake

The 9W U series lineup will bump the P-core count to two, leaving the E-core count unchanged. The iGPU tile will also remain the same, varying from three to four Xe core configurations. Moving up to the 15W U series stack, the P-core count will once again be doubled from two to four, leaving the E-core counts unchanged. The iGPU tile will be beefed up, featuring up to eight Xe cores or 1,024 shaders. The lower-end SKUs of all three U series lineups are almost identical. It’s the top-end Core i7 that differs the most.

Moving up to the 28W P series lineup, we see the fully enabled CPU tile with up to 14 cores, 6P and 8E. The iGPU tile mostly stays at 8 Xe cores, leaving the i3 with a four or seven-core configuration. A step higher, we’ve got the 45W H series stack. These chips will also top out at 14 cores with a boost TDP of 70W and higher. All three SKUs will pack 8 E-cores and 8 Xe iGPU cores.

The S-BGA based HX lineup will be a Raptor Lake Refresh with up to 24 cores (8P + 16E + 32EU). Although the specifications are largely unchanged, the boost clocks will be 100MHz to 200MHz higher. Furthermore, the i7 may be upgraded from 8P + 8E to 8P + 12E to target the upper midrange gaming audience better. These chips will likely have a higher boost TDP than their predecessors.

The 14th Gen Meteor Lake and Raptor Lake Refresh are slated to land this fall. The former will be marketed with the Core Ultra 1st Gen branding, leaving the desktop range with the i-series branding for one last season.

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