Intel 14th Gen MTL CPUs to Remove the i From Core i3/i5/i9: Meet the Core Ultra 5 1003H [Rumor]

Intel may revamp its Core i series CPU branding, dropping the i altogether. A 14th Gen Meteor Lake-P mobile chip has been spotted in the SiSoft and Ashes Escalation databases. The Intel Core i5 14500H (or 14600) has supposedly been renamed the Core Ultra 5 1003H. We’re looking at an 18-thread processor comprising a few Redwood Cove “P” cores and several Crestmont “E” cores.

I believe this is either a 2P+14E or a 4P+10E core design. Meteor Lake will focus on the Crestmont “Efficiency” cores, featuring only two Redwood Cove “P” cores on most SKUs. In addition to the primary compute die, the SoC die will pack a couple of E-cores for ultra-low-power scenarios.

Intel has tried changing the naming scene of its client processor multiple times. The Ice Lake and Tiger Lake-U chips got the G4/G7 suffix to indicate the iGPU model. More recently, the 15W U and 45W H series notebook processors were brought under the P platform without affecting the naming. The desktop-grade HX lineup and the higher-clocked HK SKUs were also introduced.

Renaming the Core i5-14500H to the Core Ultra 5 1003H sounds like a mouthful, but we still don’t know the exact details of this naming scheme. This might work out better if the Ultra is used for the K series “unlocked” CPUs or the highest-end 5 series chips.

Via: BenchLeaks.

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