Intel 14th Gen Redwood Cove P-Core Architecture Allegedly Very Similar to 12th Gen Golden Cove

Intel will be (largely) retaining the Golden Cove core architecture for the foreseeable future, powering the next couple of generations using variants of the same. Introduced with the 12th Gen Alder Lake processors as the “P” or Performance-Core, it is a major step up over the Sunny Cove design. Most importantly, it is much wider with 12 execution ports (vs. 10 on SC), larger ROB, scheduler, and instruction queues.

Golden Cove

The various caches including the micro-op have also been fattened and the decoder has been widened to 6-way. This goes without saying but the branch predictor has also been fine-tuned.

Sunny Cove

Unfortunately, it’ll be a while before we see the same kind of an upgrade on the P-core. According to data mined by well-reputed tipsters, the next two generations will be slight modifications of the same. Raptor Cove which will be featured in the 13th Gen Raptor Lake lineup will essentially be a refresh with larger L2 cache reserves. Meanwhile, Redwood Cove set to debut with the 14th Gen Meteor Lake processors won’t bring any drastic changes to the P-core either.

As per @OneRaichu, the core width (decoders/ports/scheduler/ROB?) will remain unchanged, and much of the focus will go on power efficiency. This means a better branch predictor, even larger caches, and few tweaks to the existing execution ports/units. These are all the results of the 13th Gen Meteor Lake family being a mobile-centric lineup. Although there will be a desktop stack, it won’t bring any substantial changes to the table. (buy xanax over the counter) Arrow Lake which is set to launch in 2024 will likely cater to the DIY and enthusiast audience.

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