Intel 15th Gen Core i9-15900H Spotted: 24 Cores, Fabbed on TSMC 3nm, Not Intel 20A

Intel’s 15th Gen Arrow Lake processors (Core Ultra 2?) are supposed to launch in the final quarter of this year. However, we might have to wait till next year to get our hands on a Core i9-15900K. According to “Moore’s Law is Dead,” Intel has yet to ship the qualification samples (QS) for Arrow Lake. These are usually shipped a few months before the retail release, but the chipmaker hopes to distribute them in October. This would give Intel’s partners a narrow window to quality-test these CPUs.

Consequently, we’ll get a mid-to-late December Arrow Lake launch (desktop or mobile?), possibly a paper launch, followed by the volume release in early 2025. The YouTuber has also provided a die shot of the Core i9-15900H (Core Ultra 9 2xxH?). Like Meteor Lake, it’s a chiplet (tiled) design with six dies, including two dummy dies.

These include the Compute die, the Graphics Die, the SoC Die, and the IO Die. The CPU compute die is allegedly fabbed on a TSMC N3 node (iGPU on N4?) rather than the Intel 20A process, diluting the 5N4Y (5 Nodes in 4 Years) promise.

Given that this is a 24-core CPU (8P + 16E) featuring Lion Cove “P-cores” and Skymont “E-cores,” we’re likely looking at the Core i9-15900HX, the repurposed mobile variant of the Core i9-15900K. Meteor Lake-H is still limited to 14 cores (minus the SoC units), and I don’t see Intel bumping up the core count of the mobility segment anytime soon, at least not by ~70%.

Areej Syed

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