Intel 16th Gen Panther Lake (Core Ultra 300) CPUIDs Added to Linux Coreboot

Intel has added the CPUIDs of its next-gen Panther Lake processors to Linux Coreboot. The 16th Gen Core processors (or the Core Ultra 300) CPUs will be the first client lineup to feature the Intel 18A process. As per the official client roadmap, Panther Lake will launch in the second half of 2025. Like Meteor Lake, it’ll likely be a mobile/laptop-only design focusing on power efficiency, integrated graphics, and AI performance.

Panther Lake will likely form the Core Ultra 300 series (16th Gen Core) processors featuring the Cougar Cove P and Skymont E-core architectures. Cougar Cove, being a node shrink (tick) will offer minimal architectural improvements, focusing on process efficiency and battery life instead. Skymont will debute with Arrow Lake later this year, and being an E-core, should benefit from the node upgrade.

Panther Lake was originally supposed to leverage the Celestial (Xe3) graphics architecture, but considering that Battlemage (Xe2) is yet to make an appearance, it remains uncertain. The NPU unit will be upgraded to at least 60 TOPs, up from <20 TOPs on Meteor Lake (and ~40 TOPs on Lunar Lake). While the CPU tile will be fabbed on the Intel 18A node, the iGPU will be outsourced to TSMC’s 3nm (N3) process, and the SoC tile should use a mature Intel process.

The CPUIDs of early Panther Lake samples have been added to Corebook. These are “0xC06C0” and “0xC06C1.” Don’t expect any substantial info on these processors anytime soon. Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake are yet to launch, and depending on how the release is planned, Panther Lake may get pushed to the very end of 2025.

Areej Syed

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