Intel 17th Gen Nova Lake Processors to Allegedly Use TSMC’s 2nm Process Node in 2026

Team Blue already relies on TSMC for the production of its latest iGPUs and the Arc dGPUs.

TSMC’s 2nm process node is on track for mass production in 2025. Industry sources claim that the research and development of the GAA-based node has been progressing as planned. The first batch of 2nm chips has already been assigned to prominent clients, including Apple and Intel. Yes, that’s right. Intel may be one of TSMC’s leading customers in the coming years despite “undisputed process leadership.”

According to UDN, Intel will leverage TSMC’s 2nm process for its 17th Gen Nova Lake processors set to launch in 2026. Team Blue won’t abandon its IDM 2.0 strategy and will continue to leverage internal process nodes (18A or higher) for Nova Lake’s CPU tile, leaving the tGPU and SoC dies to TSMC.

Nova Lake’s tGPU tile will likely be fabbed on TSMC’s 2nm node, while the upcoming Arrow Lake chips will utilize 3nm for its tGPU chiplets. The Taiwanese foundry is rapidly expanding its 2nm production capacity, with multiple (first and second) factories being constructed simultaneously. The third phase of the expansion is slated to begin in the third quarter of 2026 with a capacity of up to six fabs. The first factory is expected to be launched by April.

Areej Syed

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