Intel 1st Gen Core Ultra 7 185H ~30% Faster than the 13th Gen 13700H, Twice as Power Efficient

Fresh benchmarks of Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake processors, also known as the 1st Gen Core Ultra family, have leaked out. The Cinebench R20 scores of the Core Ultra 7 185H indicate a focus on multi-threaded performance with largely unchanged single-threaded capabilities. It’s worth noting that Meteor Lake adopts the 4nm-class Intel 4 process while keeping the core architectures intact (Read more: It’s a Tic!).

In the Cinebench R20 “multi-core” benchmark, the 1st Gen Core Ultra 7 185H scores roughly 7,700 points, up to 25-30% faster than the 13th Gen Core i7-13700H. With mobile CPUs, the performance varies considerably from device to device, depending on how efficient the cooling is. As such, expect a wide range of scores for every CPU.

The single-core score of 700+ places the Core Ultra 185H alongside its Raptor Lake predecessors, a smidge higher, perhaps. A regression in boost clocks is likely to blame for that and, to some extent, the power profile. According to sources close to Moore’s Law is Dead, Meteor Lake will be one of the most power-efficient designs Intel has ever devised.

The 1st Gen Core Ultra CPUs have a TDP sweet spot for heavy loads between 65W to 95W, up to half as much as the 13th Gen Raptor Lake family (120W to 145W). With these improvements, Intel’s upcoming mobile processors are almost as power efficient as AMD’s Ryzen 7000 offerings.

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