Intel Alder Lake and Raptor Lake to Retain Tiger Lake Xe Gen 12 Graphics [Rumor]

Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake processors are going to feature two brand new core architectures, Golden Cove and Gracemont on the 10nm Enhanced SuperFin node, now renamed to Intel 7 node. However, it looks like the graphics architecture will be retained. According to @Yuuki_Ans, a reliable source on Intel products, Alder Lake and Raptor Lake will leverage the same Xe Gen 12 graphics as Tiger Lake, with Meteor Lake also expected to feature it, albeit as a separate chiplet with more EUs.

The Xe Gen 12 graphics architecture, also known as Xe-LP is the first iteration of the Xe design developed by Raja Koduri and his team at Intel’s new Graphics Division. While the fundamentals are the same as Gen11, it lays the foundation of more complex designs with support for high-precision compute and matrix units.

The geometry and pixel engines are shared between two subslices, and so are the thread dispatch units and schedulers, much like AMD’s RDNA architecture (Dual Compute Units/Work Group Processors). The Execution Units (EUs) are still quite simple, with a shared 8-wide Floating Point and Integer Pipeline and two dedicated Extended Math (FP64/SFU) units per EU.

Additionally, Intel has informed board partners to make at least one board per chipset with the 12v power connector, but most of them are undecided as to whether it’ll actually come to fruition.

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