Intel Allegedly Prepping 13th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh for Q3 2023: 100-200MHz Higher Clocks, Same Core Counts [Rumor]

Intel is working on yet another refresh of Alder Lake with a tentative launch in Q3 2023. Like Devil’s Canyon from the Haswell Era, these will be higher-clocked Raptor Lake offerings. According to @OneRaichu, these SKUs will be called the Core ix-13xx0/K/KF: Core i5-136×0, i7-137×0, and i9-139×0 and their K/KF variants. The primary competitors will be AMD’s Ryzen 7000X3D CPUs, especially the lower-end 7600X3D.

According to the above posts on Bilibili, the Raptor Lake refresh is planned for August or September 2023. The core counts will be the same as the existing SKUs, but they’ll run 100-200MHz higher. The succeeding 14th Gen Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake families will land in the first and second half of 2024, respectively.

Areej Syed

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