Intel Arc A380 Over 30% Faster when Overclocked: Performs on Par with the NVIDIA GTX 1650

Intel’s Arc A380 entry-level graphics card didn’t exactly impress critics. It suffers from poor frame times in most games with a lack of re-sizable BAR support on AMD platforms, making them redundant for Arc GPUs. However, as pointed out by @CapFrameX on Twitter, the A380 gains as much as 37% more performance when overclocked.

Benchmarks from multiple outlets seem to confirm the same. Tom’s Hardware seems to have gotten similar results, with the A380 pretty much leveling with the GTX 1650 when overclocked. Not all publications were able to reproduce this, and the results vary greatly from title to title.


This could be the result of the immature drivers or/and firmware coupled with a lack of engine-level optimizations, and will likely continue for the foreseeable future.

Areej Syed

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