Intel Arc Battlemage Laptop GPUs Allegedly Cancelled: Arc B770 to Feature 8192 Cores?

Internal documents procured by MLID indicate that the next-gen Battlemage graphics cards will be limited to desktop and workstations

Intel has allegedly canceled the Arc Battlemage mobile GPUs after Alchemist failed to make a difference in the otherwise lucrative segment. Internal documents procured by “Moore’s Law is Dead” indicate that the next-gen Battlemage graphics cards will be limited to desktop and workstation systems. The mobility dGPUs seem to have been definitively scrapped from the roadmap.

Battlemage Desktop

There’s still hope for the Arc Battlemage desktop lineup. MLID has shared the specifications of two GPU dies, namely G31 and G21. Both will be fabbed on TSMC’s 5nm node (or a derivative) with a 256-bit and 192-bit bus for the former and latter, respectively.

Battlemage G31

The larger Battlemage die will have two variants paired with 16GB of GDDR6/GDDR6X memory. It will likely power the Arc B770 and the B750 (or whatever Intel names them). The Arc B770 will feature 512 EUs or Vector Engines translating to 8,192 cores (if VEs are SIMD16). The B750 should feature 448 EUs or Vector Engines, adding to a total core count of 7,168 (SIMD16). It’s unclear whether GDDR6X will be utilized or whether we’ll see faster variants of GDDR6.

Battlemage G21

The smaller die will have three variants featuring 12GB, 10GB, and 8GB memory. The 12GB variant will consist of 320 Vector Engines, netting a core count of 5,120. The two lowest-end SKUs will pair 10GB and 8GB of memory with 256 Vector Engines for a core count of 4,096.

The performance targets for Battlemage are murky. If the Vector Units are twice as wide, we can expect a gain of up to 2x with the same EU counts. This, however, is yet to be confirmed by Intel, and even if it is, scaling is rarely one-to-one. We should start seeing more leaks as we head into the second quarter of 2024.

Future Arcs

Further ahead in Intel’s Arc dGPU roadmap, Celestial and Druid are slated for mid-2026 and late-2027, respectively. Single-tile, lower-end dies are the last remnants left of these future Arc families. Depending on how Battlemage performs, these may get converted into APU tiles, effectively canceling the Arc dGPU portfolio.

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