Intel Arc Desktop GPUs Launching in June 2022: To Compete with the NVIDIA RTX 3060 [Report]

Intel will be launching its maiden discrete GPU lineup towards the end of the month (or early next month) to challenge NVIDIA/AMD in the budget market segments. Only three SKUs will be launched this quarter, namely the A380, A580, and the A750 for mainstream gamers. Unfortunately, the top-end A780 GPU won’t hit retail anytime soon, and enthusiasts will have to wait a few more months to test Raja’s latest designs at 1440p and 4K.

GPUComparable GPUMSRPExpected Release Date
A750RTX 3060$350End of May – Early June
A580RTX 3050$280End of May – Early June
A380GTX 1650$150Tentatively July
Sales Embargo for ARC for DesktopMay 15th to June 30th

The A750 will have a sticker price of $350 and trade blows against the GeForce RTX 3060 which is currently priced a bit under $400 in the US market. The A580 will fight the RTX 3050 with an MSRP of $280, $20 more than the latter’s starting price on Newegg and Microcenter. Finally, we have the A380 which will tackle the massively popular GTX 1650 at an MSRP of $150, making it a potential gamechanger for entry-level players. The GTX 1650 is currently going for an overinflated price of $200.

Of course, there’s a catch. Intel graphics drivers are absolute trash and make most games a stuttering mess. The chipmaker has promised regular updates to address performance issues but the jury is still out on that. There’s also the matter of pricing which has been a major issue for gamers for a while now. A limited supply will result in restrictive pricing which may be offset by average demand.

Source: WCCFTech

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