Intel Arrow Lake-S Core Ultra 3 (Core i3) Could be a Raptor Lake Refresh Refresh

The latest rumor claims that Intel’s upcoming 15th Gen…erm, I mean the Core UItra 200 “Arrow Lake-S” processors will lack the low-end Core Ultra 3 (Core i3) SKUs. Either that, or they’ll consist of Raptor Lake refreshes from the 13th or 14th Gen lineup. This means that the Arrow Lake desktop family will consist of three different process nodes: TSMC’s 3nm (N3B) for the high-end K-series CPUs, Intel’s 20A for the mid-range non-K Core i5/Core Ultra 5 parts, and Intel 7 for the entry-level Core i3/Core Ultra 3 chips.

Update: The source has noted that it could be a Meteor Lake Refresh (Intel 4).

The same source also claims there won’t be any Core i9/Core Ultra 9 “F” series parts. This means that the Core i9-14900KF and Core i9-14900F won’t get dedicated successors, and all will be succeeded by the Core Ultra 9 285K and Core Ultra 9 275. Read more about the Arrow Lake lineup and its specs/architecture in the attached link.

The last piece of this leak suggests that Intel has yet to confirm the power limits for Arrow Lake. Following the mass failure of 13th and 14th Gen K-series SKUs, the chipmaker has advised its board partners to stick to the 253W PL2 and 400A Iccmax power limits. It’s unclear whether the same limits will carry onto the Arrow Lake-S desktop processors, but the OP claims to have seen SKUs with PL2 values of 293W.

Intel Arrow Lake Power delivery profile

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