Intel Arrow Lake-S CPU Benchmark Leaks Out: 27% Faster than the Core i9-13900K in CPU-Z

Intel’s Arrow Lake processors are scheduled to launch later this year. Featuring TSMC’s 3nm/N3B (or Intel 20A) process node, these chips will introduce the LGA1851 socket and the associated 800-series motherboards. We already know much about these CPUs (previously 15th Gen Core), including core counts, architectures, IPC gains, and instruction support. A Baidu user has shared what he claims in the alleged performance benchmark of an Arrow Lake-S desktop processor.

Intel Arrow Lake-S CPU Benchmark

It goes without saying that since there’s no mention of Arrow Lake or Core Ultra 200, this could be a hoax. This mystery sample is 27% faster than the Core i9-13900K in the CPU-Z single-threaded benchmark. Note that this 13900K isn’t running the “Intel Default” power profile, otherwise the delta would be even wider.

The multi-threaded score is reported as 12922 points, making it 26% slower than the 13900K, and 26% faster than the Core i5-14600K. I’d say that this is probably the Core i5-15600K (Core Ultra 5), but you never know. It might be an early Core i7-15700K (Core Ultra 7). Arrow Lake, like Lunar Lake, will likely launch without hyper-threading, so some workloads might see a lower multi-threaded performance uplift than expected.

Intel Arrow Lake-S CPU Benchmark

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