Intel Adds Support for Battlemage G21 to oneAPI: Arc B380 Launch Soon?

Intel’s oneAPI has received support for the first Battlemage GPU, the G21. This midrange die will likely power the Arc B380, B350, B310, and their mobile variants. A while back, this SKU was spotted in the SiSoft database featuring 2,560 shaders across 160 Vector Engines and 20 Xe Cores. It was paired with ~12GB of GDDR6 graphics memory, 8MB of L2 cache, and most likely a 192-bit bus.

The above numbers place the Battlemage G21 below the Arc A580, with fewer shaders, a slimmer bus, and lower memory bandwidth. However, with a sufficient IPC uplift, the 2560-core GPU may perform similarly to the 3072-core Alchemist part.

According to a previous leak, the Battlemage “G21” is a midrange die consisting of 20 Xe cores, 2560 shaders, and 12GB of graphics memory across a 192-bit bus. The GPU core is rumored to be clocked at 2GHz with 20Gbps GDDR6 memory. However, unlike the SiSoft sample, this SKU supposedly features 16MB of L2 cache and 8x PCIe Gen 5 lanes.

The Arc Battlemage GPUs will be fabbed on TSMC’s 4nm (N4) process node. One of the primary architectural changes includes wider 16-wide SIMD units (previously 8). At the same time, the number of Vector Engines per Xe Core will be reduced from 16 to 8, keeping the shader count per Xe Core unchanged.

The Lunar Lake processors expected to launch later this year will be the first to feature the Battlemage graphics architecture (assuming the dGPUs don’t launch before).

Via: @miktdt.

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