Intel Battlemage GPUs Allegedly Spotted with 3072 Shaders and 12GB VRAM

Intel’s Battlemage graphics cards have reportedly surfaced on the SiSoft database, featuring up to 24 Xe Cores and 12GB of GDDR6 graphics memory. Featuring the Xe2-HPG graphics architecture, the Battlemage lineup has been delayed several times, with multiple higher-end SKUs allegedly scrapped. Battlemage increases the Vector Engine width to 16 (up from 8), balancing this by reducing the Vector Engine count per Xe Core.

The GPUs spotted on SiSoft feature 20 and 24 Xe Cores, translating to 160 and 192 Vector Engines (or Compute Units). With each VE packing 16 shaders, you get a total core count of 2560 and 3072. The shader engine is clocked at 1.8GHz, roughly the same as the Alchemist GPUs. They are paired with 12GB of memory, 8MB of L2 cache, and (likely) a 192-bit bus.

The OpenCL compute performance numbers are lower than the Arc A750 and the A770, which isn’t surprising considering the low operating clocks. The final performance will be achieved much closer to launch with qualification units (these are likely engineering samples).

According to @Bionic_Squash, the 20 Xe core GPU is the only existing variant from the original Battlemage roadmap. The higher-end G10 die has been scrapped and replaced with a smaller 32 Xe core GPU. This falls in line with what other sources have claimed. The 2nd Gen Arc Battlemage GPUs will allegedly launch at the end of the year or early 2025 (if at all). They will be fabbed on the TSMC 4nm (N4) process node.

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