Intel CEO: Our Competitors Fear us because we always do what we Say

In an interview with AXIOS, Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger shared his thoughts on some of the pressing issues in the industry. He spoke about the need to increase chip production in the Americas and Europe, getting back Apple’s chip orders, and Big Blue’s stagnation over the last decade. When it comes to Intel’s recent manufacturing problems, Gelsinger placed the blame squarely on his predecessors, many of whom he notes were not engineers deeply steeped in chip technology, as he is.

While this isn’t entirely incorrect, it’s not a fair excuse. Gelsinger’s predecessor, Bob Swan was a business guy but he took the helm after the 10nm disaster. Most of the damage had already been done. If there’s an Intel CEO who is to be blamed for the chipmaker’s troubles, it’s Brian Krzanich.

Krzanich began his career working as a process engineer at Intel’s chip factory in New Mexico in 1982. He rose to the post of manager (of a fabrication plant) in Chandler, Arizona, in 1996, and later supervised assembly and testing facilities. Following this, he held management roles within Intel’s manufacturing division, managed a plant in Massachusetts, and began overseeing the company’s factories and supply chains in 2007. In January 2012, Krzanich was promoted to the role of COO. He led Intel’s China strategy in this role. Finally, he was elevated to the position of CEO in March 2013.

As you can see, much like Pat, Krzanich was an engineer through and through who started at the bottom and advanced through the ranks as his career went on. To say that that “he was not an engineer deeply steeped in chip technology” is plain unfair, and borderline arrogant.

Gelsinger returned to Intel as CEO earlier this year, spent three decades at the company after joining it at age 18. Along the way, he became the youngest VP in Intel history and rose to CTO before leaving in 2009 for the No. 2 spot at EMC. He was named CEO of VMWare in 2012 and served there until rejoining Intel.

Just every time. And our competitors fear us because we always do what we say we’re going to do.

Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger

Source: AXIOS

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