Intel CEO: We’re Going to Be Bigger Users of Arm as Part of IDM 2.0, Would Participate in Consortium

Intel has been rather quiet over NVIDIA’s failed acquisition of Arm. The other day company CEO Pat Gelsinger shared his opinion on the matter. Gelsinger stated that Intel would be happy to see Arm do an IPO, or be owned by a consortium. He went on to explain that although the x86 chipmaker isn’t a major Arm customer at the moment, that will change as part of the IDM 2.0 strategy.

We’re not big users of Arm, but we do use Arm. We’re going to get to be bigger users of Arm as we make it part of our IFS agenda as well. So, if a consortium would emerge, we would probably be very favorable to participate in it in some manner.

Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO

Intel would also be very interested in participating in the consortium expected to take the place of the failed NVIDIA-Arm merger in the coming months. This statement isn’t all that surprising given Intel’s plans to adopt a more flexible approach to outsourcing and its IFS. The company will be outsourcing its GPUs to TSMC’s cutting-edge nodes, while also accepting orders to manufacture chips for various clients on its 20A, and 18A process nodes. Whether this will be a profitable business model remains to be seen.

Via: Reuters

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