Intel Core i5-13500 will be up to 20% Faster than the i5-12600K at $100 Less [Report]

Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake processors offer substantially better single and multi-threaded performance than their Ryzen 7000 rivals. Aggressive pricing and ample availability both cement the chipmaker’s position in the desktop market. The upcoming non-K offerings will pose an even stronger challenge to AMD’s limited budget range.

In Cinebench R23, the Core i5-13500 is at least 20% faster than the pricier Core i5-12600K in the multi-threaded segment. Single-core workloads see the 12600K lead the 13500 with a slim 2-3% margin in gaming and lightly threaded applications. The processors were set to an unlimited turbo boost limit for prolonged durations, but you’ll need a water cooler to run it smoothly.

Benchmarks from: Alva Jonathan (FB).

With the Max PL2 power limit, the Core i5-13500 draws up to 158W power with a peak temperature of 99C. At stock configuration, it draws up to 129W of power with a maximum temperature of 85C.

The Core i5-13500 has an all-core sustained P-core boost of 4.5GHz and an E-core boost of 3.5GHz. The single-core boost tops out at 4.8GHz in lightly threaded workloads.

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