Intel Core i9-13900K May Be up to 25% Slower on ASUS Z690 Motherboards (vs. Z790)

Intel’s 13th Gen flagship may be slower when paired with the Z690s than the newly launched Z790 motherboards. Benchmarks by @aschilling show that the Core i9-13900K loses up to 25% performance when coupled with the ASUS ROG Z690 Hero (BIOS 2103). In Cinebench R23 (multi-threaded), the 13900K scores 38,288 points using a Z790 board. Switching to the Z690 pushes it down to 28,911 points. A drop of precisely 25%.

Blender, another rendering workload, exhibits similar results. With the 700 series chipset, it completes the task in 209 seconds which gets stretched to 209 seconds with the Z690.

Finally, we have Y-Cruncher, a complex math workload. The delta between the CPU performance on the two boards is relatively minor here, albeit still measurable. The Z790 performs the calculation in 10.12 secs edging past the Z690 by 1.8 seconds.

It’s worth noting that these tests include only one Z690 board, and further testing will be required to make a definite conclusion.

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