Intel Core i9-13900K to Feature Extreme Performance Mode with a PL2 Limit of 350W [Rumor]

Overclocking will be a prominent theme of Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake processors. This was clear from the moment the family was officially announced. In addition to increased core counts (up to 24) and an AI module, overclocking will be one of the key highlights of these CPUs.

According to ProHardver, in addition to PL1 and PL2, there will be a third power state available on the higher-end 13th Gen CPUs tailored for overclockers and enthusiasts. Similar to the Core i9-12900KS, the Core i9-13900K will offer an extreme performance mode wherein its PL2 (load) power draw will be raised from 241W to 350W.

On the downside, only 700 series board owners will be able to fully exploit this feature, extracting another 15% performance from their chips depending on the silicon lottery. Keep in mind that this marginal gain will come at the cost of increased power and heat, and users will need high-end liquid coolers to properly sustain the higher all-core boost. (mytravelintuscany) Single-threaded workloads (as well as gaming) should see a nominal gain with heavily threaded applications like rendering and video editing benefiting the most.

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