Intel Core Ultra 9 185H 33% Faster than AMD’s Ryzen 7940HS in Leaked Benchmark

Intel’s Meteor Lake flagship has been spotted on the Weibo forums. The Core Ultra 9 185H is a 16-core CPU (6P + 8E+ 2LP) running at 5.1GHz on the fastest P-cores. The “Redwood Cove” P-cores are paired with 64KB+64KB of L1I+L1D cache and 2MB of L2 cache per core. The “Crestmont” E-cores pack 32KB of L1D and 64KB of L1I cache per core and 2MB of L2 cache per 4-core module. The two core clusters share 24MB of L3 cache. Being an H-series chip, the Core Ultra 9 185H has a base TDP (PL1) of 45W.

Before discussing the performance, remember that this is an Engineering Sample (ES), so the final retail variants will likely be slightly faster. We’ve only got a single benchmark to go by, and not a very reliable one at that, so keep that in mind.

In CPU-Z‘s single-threaded benchmark, the Intel Core Ultra 9 185H holds a 10% lead over the AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS. The Meteor Lake flagship performs much better in the multi-threaded segment, extending its lead over its Phoenix rival to 33%. This is a decent generational leap, but CPU-Z isn’t a good reference point. We’ll need more reliable testing before making a definitive statement.

Via: HXL (Twitter).

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