Intel Lunar Lake CPU with 8 Cores on 18A Node Spotted: 512 Core GPU Based on Battlemage

Intel’s upcoming Lunar Lake processors have shown up in the SiSoft database. Powering a future variant of the Samsung Galaxy Book 5 Pro, they will succeed the Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” CPUs in the premium segment. This sample features 8 cores, including 4P and 4E cores, based on the Lion Cove and Skymont architectures, respectively. The compute tile of Lunar Lake is expected to be fabbed on the Intel 18A node, with 15th Gen Arrow Lake primarily leveraging the TSMC N3B node.

Like Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake is expected to feature neither hyper-threading nor Rentable Units. This limits the thread count to 8, with a base clock of 1.6GHz and a boost of 2.8GHz. Being an engineering sample, these figures are much lower than the final targets. The P-cores feature 2.5MB of L2 cache per core (up from 2MB on Redwood Cove), backed by 24MB of L3 cache (12MB x2).

Lunar Lake will leverage the Battlemage graphics architecture (Xe2-LPG), with this sample packing 4 Xe-Cores comprising 512 shaders across 64 Vector Units. The GPU core clocks at 1.85GHz and consists of 8MB of L2 cache. The iGPU on Lunar Lake is expected to be 1.5x to 2x faster than the Xe-LPG GPU featured on Meteor Lake, courtesy of an architectural and process upgrade.

Lunar Lake is expected to launch by the end of 2024, powering high-end notebooks, ultrabooks, and convertibles alongside Arrow Lake-P. Expect a limited-volume launch at the beginning.

Via: Momomo_us.

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