Intel Next-Gen Battlemage GPUs to Leverage TSMC 4nm Node, 3nm for Celestial in 2026 [Rumor]

Intel’s next-gen Battlemage graphics cards are set to launch next year, offering twice the performance of 1st Gen Alchemist. As shared by RedGamingTech a while back, these GPUs will leverage TSMC’s 4nm process, offering up to twice as much performance with a modest increase in power. A report from Commercial Times has backed up this claim, stating that Intel has already finalized the outsourcing of its future Arc lineups to TSMC.

According to the Chinese outlet, the 2nd Gen Battlemage family leveraging the TSMC N4 node will launch in the latter half of 2024, while Celestial will land in late 2026 with the 3nm (N3X) node. In addition to the consumer Arc lineups, the next-gen data center Falcon Shores family is also set to leverage the 3nm and 4nm-class process nodes. Like Ponte Vecchio (TSMC N7 and N5), Falcon Shores will be a chiplet design connected by Intel’s proprietary EMIB interconnect and Foveros 3D stacking.

TSMC’s 3nm node will enter production in the second half of 2024 and start shipping to key customers like Apple in 2025. Tier 2 clients, including AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel, should receive their first 3nm wafers in late 2025 or early 2026.

Source: CTEE

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