Intel Once Again Refutes Rumors of Arc Gaming GPU Cancelation, Claims on Track for…Launch?

Intel has once again reiterated that its Arc discrete GPUs are on track for launch…sometime in the uncertain future. After another round of rumors claiming the end of the Graphics Odyssey, AXG lead Raja Koduri has shared the screenshot of an Arc GPU (almost) ready for launch. According to sources close to MLID, Intel leadership has canceled Celestial and all succeeding lineups due to unsatisfactory results from the division.

The data center segment is reportedly going to remain functional for the time being on account of the large profit margins and client-specific needs of the market.

Responding to cancelation rumors, Koduri has stated that the Arc GPU team has “persisted” despite all the obstacles. Expressing disappointment over the negativity surrounding the Odyssey project, he tweeted that the rumors aren’t helping the team working round the clock to bring it fruition. It’s worth noting that he didn’t explicitly deny rumors of Battlemage being the last Arc gaming lineup, merely saying that the obstacles have been greater than anticipated, but the team has persisted.

The Arc Alchemist GPUs were supposed to land last year with Intel repeatedly promising a spring to a summer release. However, even now we’re yet to see a widespread launch across markets. Even in the Chinese and East Asian markets, the top-end Arc A770 is yet to hit retail in large volumes.

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