Intel PC CPU Market Share Grows to 78%; AMD Share Drops to 12.5%: Arm Share <1%

In the last quarter of 2023, Intel reported a PC CPU revenue of $41 billion, 5x and 8x more than Apple and AMD, respectively

The latest PC market trends (via Canalys) indicate that Intel is still the dominant CPU vendor, accounting for most chips shipped globally. The firm’s annual growth report from Q4 2023 paints a flat quarter, where Intel accounted for 50 million PC shipments, followed by AMD and Apple with 8 million and 6 million shipments, respectively. These numbers place Team Blue at the very top, with 78% of the global PC CPU market. AMD comes in second with a party 12.5% share, while Apple holds a 9% share with its iMacs and Macbooks.

Intel reported a Q4 CPU revenue of $41 billion, 5x and 8x more than Apple and AMD, respectively. These are the CPU revenues and not the overall figures reported by the chipmakers. Courtesy of a wide range of overpriced MacBooks and iMacs, Apple has grown its PC revenue to $8 billion, accounting for 14.8% of the CPU market by revenue at the end of 2023. Conversely, AMD’s $5 billion revenue figure grants it a paltry 7.8% CPU market share by revenue.

It’s worth noting that Arm-based PCs were negligent in volume, accounting for less than 1% of the PC CPU market by shipment units and revenue. These numbers are notably different from the ones reported by Mercury, where AMD holds nearly twice as much unit and revenue market share. According to them, the Ryzen PC CPU unit share stood at 20.2% and the revenue share at 15.4% at the end of 2023. You can read more on that here.

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