Intel Plans to Ship Over 4 Million Arc Alchemist Graphics Cards in 2022: May Gain 10% Market Share, Desktop GPUs in Q2

Intel plans to ship over 4 million ARC Alchemist graphics cards in 2022. With over 50 designs across various OEMs and AICs including HP, Lenovo, MSI, ASUS, Acer, Dell, Clevo, etc, the chipmaker hopes to capture close to 10% of the GPU market share. Intel has also garnered over 100 software and ecosystem partners, including IOI, Ubisoft, EA, Adobe, Autodesk, 505 Games, etc.

The XeSS upscaling technology is one of the key advantages of Intel’s Arc lineup. Although limited to the Alchemist GPUs at launch, Intel plans to make the tech open source in the future. (xanax online kaufen) The launch date of the notebook SKUs is slated for Q1, desktop in Q2, and workstation in Q3.

The first 2 to 3 generations, namely Alchemist, Battlemage, and Celestial will leverage a monolithic design, while the 4th Gen Druid GPUs will possibly adopt a tiled (chiplet) design. However, going by the chipmaker’s figures, the ARC GPUs will have a relatively limited presence in the discrete GPU market, with the bulk of them going to notebooks and laptops. With Alchemist, Raja Koduri and Co won’t be breaching the 10% market share, waiting it out in the 5-10% range.

Areej Syed

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