Intel Raptor Lake CPUs are Getting a Second Refresh as the Core 2xxH Lineup

A while back, Intel criticized AMD for shipping older, rebranded processors with the Ryzen 7000 label. Of course, Intel has been doing it for years, but that part was omitted from the release. Within three months of that campaign, we’re getting reports that Intel will refresh the Raptor Lake-H processors for the second consecutive time as the Core 2xxH lineup. And let’s not forget, Raptor Lake itself is an Alder Lake Refresh with additional L2 cache per core.

The leak comes from 金猪升级包 on the Bilibili forums (via HXL) who claims that Arrow Lake will get the “Core Ultra 2xx” branding, while the lower-end chips forming the Raptor Lake-H Refresh will be called “Core 2xxH.” The Core Ultra 2 series will upgrade the CPU to a 3nm TSMC die, consisting of “Lion Cove” P and “Skymont” E-cores. The iGPU will get a modest update, while the SoC die will remain the same.

The Arrow Lake desktop processors are expected to be a full-fledged upgrade featuring the newer 3nm CPU and Xe-LPG graphics tile (3/4nm). The SoC die will be the same as on Meteor Lake with an integrated NPU and perhaps even the LPE cores. Arrow Lake will launch in the last quarter of 2024, most likely during the holiday season.

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