Intel Roadmap Confirms Release Window of 2nd Gen Arc Battlemage Graphics Cards

Intel shared a roadmap of its PC products during the Meteor Lake launch in Japan. While most of the info pertains to released processors, there is one exception. We see an almost camouflaged mention of the 2nd Gen Xe-LPG Battlemage family in the GPU segment. While this isn’t the first time Battlemage was mentioned, it’s the first since the high-profile departure of Intel’s AXG lead, Raja Koduri.

Following the dissolution and integration of AXG into the Client and Data Center Divisions, many have doubted the future of Intel’s discrete GPU family. This disclosure is a positive sign but can’t be taken as a confirmation. The roadmap doesn’t explicitly mention Battlemage, but it does feature its logo, as seen in the original roadmap from Architecture Day 2021.

We don’t know much about Battlemage except that it’ll feature a much larger die than Alchemist, with up to 448 EUs (7,168 cores) and 16GB of GDDR6 memory. This would put it on par with the GeForce RTX 4070 Ti, at least on paper. You can expect large cache pools, improved ray tracing, XMX (Tensor) units, and competitive pricing. It’s worth noting that the 14th Gen Arrow Lake processors are also expected to feature a tiled GPU based on Battlemage. These chips will likely be fabbed on TSMC’s N4 (4nm) process node.

Source: 4Gamer (Via WCCFTech).

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