Intel Sapphire Rapids-SP HBM Variant Reportedly Delayed Even More?

Sapphire Rapids just can’t seem to catch a break. Originally meant to launch in 2021, the 4th Gen Xeon Scalable processors have been delayed multiple times with the latest release planned for 2023. Info gathered by YuuKi_AnS indicates that Intel’s next-gen server processors are still far from ready. The chipmaker is reportedly still adjusting the TDP levels and it’ll be a while before they’re finalized.

Furthermore, the HBM2e variant of Sapphire Rapids-SP is still in its early stages, having just achieved the B stepping. The final model will be ready after at least half a dozen more revisions which probably means that we won’t be seeing these parts out in the wild anytime soon. I’d peg the launch sometime around late 2023. This might be problematic for Intel as AMD’s Genoa-X processors will also be out by then, and since SPR was meant to be a Milan competitor, it may end up being completely outclassed.

Areej Syed

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