Intel Sapphire Rapids-SP Specs Leak Out Once Again: Up to 56 Cores, 105MB of L3 Cache, and 350W TDP

The specifications of Intel’s 4th Gen Xeon Scalable “Sapphire-Rapids” processors have surfaced yet again (via Yuuki_Ans), confirming what we know about the 10nm ESF lineup. The manifest mentions a total of six SKUs, ranging from 24 cores to 56 cores, with TDP values of 225W to 350W. These are qualification samples, and as such, the operating clocks shouldn’t be far from the final retail values. Unfortunately, only the base clocks are included in this particular list.

  • Sapphire Rapids-SP 24 Core / 48 Thread / 45.0 MB / 225W
  • Sapphire Rapids-SP 28 Core / 56 Thread / 52.5 MB / 250W
  • Sapphire Rapids-SP 40 Core / 48 Thread / 75.0 MB / 300W
  • Sapphire Rapids-SP 44 Core / 88 Thread / 82.5 MB / 270W
  • Sapphire Rapids-SP 48 Core / 96 Thread / 90.0 MB / 350W
  • Sapphire Rapids-SP 56 Core / 112 Thread / 105 MB / 350W

As seen in previous leaks, the L3 cache size has grown, but it’s still quite a bit lower than that on the rival Epyc processors. The Sapphire Rapids-SPs are still a step up from Ice Lake-SP which topped out at 40 cores. A 4-tile architecture has allowed Intel to increase the compute density by 40% on the same node, with similar increases to the cache and TDP.

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